• Check your creditWhat types of continuing education credit are available?

The continuing education credit available varies based on the location and agenda for each seminar. Please select an icon above to find courses approved each type of credit listed.

Any credit detailed on the brochure is currently approved or submitted as stated. This information can also be found on the specific seminar listing.


  • Can I receive credit for more than one state or type?

Yes, you can receive credit from each program for any or all types of listed approved credit, according to your needs. Please provide all applicable license information upon checking in.


  • Do I need to attend the entire program to receive continuing education credit?

The regulations for partial attendance vary depending on the type of credit you are seeking. Please email Sterling's Credit Department or call us for more information.


  • Who do I contact to receive another copy of my Certificate of Attendance?

Sterling's Certificates of Attendance are distributed to all attendees at the live seminars. If you need an additional copy, please request one through our contact form or call us at 715-855-0495.


  • Where do I provide my Bar or License Number?

There will be forms provided at the seminar asking for your information, including any indentification numbers needed. Please remember to bring this information with you.


  • Who reports my continuing education credit?

The reporting process varies for each type of credit and each state. Please review the "Instructions for Credit in the State of _______" form provided at the seminar, or contact us with any questions.


  • Can I receive credit for states not listed on the brochure?

In many cases, we are able to obtain additional credit, upon request, if requested before the program. In rare cases, we are able to obtain credit after the program's completion.