General Questions

Where is Sterling located?

The Sterling Education Services office is located in Altoona, Wisconsin (neighboring Eau Claire).

What are Sterling's hours?

Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST. We are closed on major holidays.

I do not need continuing education credit; can I still attend a seminar?

Yes, certainly. While we offer a variety of continuing education credit for professionals who need it, anyone is welcome to attend Sterling's seminars.

Will Sterling share my information?

No; Sterling Education Services does not share, rent, trade or sell your Personal Information with third parties, except in the specific circumstances described in our Privacy Policy.


Legal Reference Materials

Is the manual included in the registration fee?

Yes, all attendees will receive a printed, bound copy of the seminar manual upon checking in at the seminar; this manual is included in the registration fee.

When can I order materials?

All the materials from our seminars can be ordered before or after the live program is held. Materials from previously held programs can be found in our Bookstore while materials for future programs can be ordered from the Seminar List by selecting "Order." Orders will be shipped two to six weeks after the seminar is held (for upcoming programs) and payment is received. 

Is shipping included?

Yes, the cost of shipping is already included in all of our material pricing.

What is included in the manual?

Each manual is written by the faculty for each specific seminar, thus the content and length varies based on the topic and authors. As a complement to live programs, or independently, the manuals are valuable tools for future reference.

What is included in the audio recording?

Sterling uses digital recorders to capture the entire live seminar. This recording is reviewed by our staff for audio quality and is then available on CDs. The audio recording can be purchased independently, or in conjunction with either live attendance or the seminar manual.


Seminar Registration & Schedule

What time does the seminar start?

Most of our seminars begin at 8:30 a.m. with registration beginning at 8:00 a.m. However, times do vary on occasion. Please visit the Seminars tab to find information on specific seminars.

Is lunch provided?

Each full-day seminar schedule allows a one-hour break for lunch on your own. Due to diverse dietary needs and preferences, lunch is not included with your registration.

How do I apply my discount code?

You can enter the discount code in the Shopping Cart portion of the payment process. Simply enter the code and click "Add Discount."

Seminar Discounts

I need to cancel my registration; what are my options?

We understand that unforeseen schedule conflicts, illness or other mitigating circumstances may prevent you from being able to attend. Please read our cancellation policy and contact our team as soon as possible regarding any cancellations.


Continuing Education Credit

Where do I provide my Bar/License Number?

There will be forms provided at the seminar asking for your credit information. Please remember to bring this information with you.

What type of continuing education credit is available?

The continuing education credit available varies based on the location and title of each seminar. Any credit listed on the brochure is currently approved or submitted as stated. This information can also be found on the specific seminar listing.

Can I receive credit for more than one state or type?

Yes, you can receive credit from each program for any or all types of listed approved credit, according to your needs. Please provide Sterling with all your applicable license information when you check in at the seminar.

I need another copy of my Certificate of Attendance, who do I contact?

Sterling's Certificates of Attendance are distributed to all attendees at the live seminars. If you need an additional copy, please submit the Contact Form: Request a Duplicate Certificate of Attendance.