Basic Information

This is a great way to connect with Sterling's online community and demonstrate your knowledge to a wider audience.

      • Give readers an taste of your style and the extensive knowledge you have to offer them
      • Choose your own topic or select from a list of ideas based on your area of practice

All articles will include:
  • A short biography and picture (when available) of the author 
  • Sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+
  • Link to author's website and/or blog
  • Link to seminar at which author is speaking (if applicable)
  • Selected articles will also be highlighted in our monthly newsletter

Recommended Topics

Update Readers on Current Cases or New Laws/Regulations

Share Your Experience
    • Relocating to a new state or licensing in a new state
    • Involvement in social media 
    • Opinion on CLE regulations (state to state, topic allowances, etc.)
    • What you wish you knew [5,10,50] years ago
    • Tips for preparing and presenting at CLE seminars

Write Bulleted List or Comparison
    • "The Pros or Cons of ___________" 
            • Examples: Virtual Assistants, Bar Association Memberships
    • "How to _____________" 
            • Examples: Reduce Your Liability, Write a Better Lease
    • "Top [10/7/3] Things You Need to Know About ______________" 
            • Examples: Independent Contractors, Fair Housing, Workers' Comp Insurance
    • Comparing and clarify
            • Easily confused terms/laws in your practice area
            • Neighboring states with varying rules
    • "Dos and Don'ts of ____________"
            • Examples: Social Media Policies, Bad Faith Claims
    • "[5/7/10] Steps to Take Before _______"
            • Examples: Terminating an Employee, Choosing an Eviction Attorney

Excerpt from Seminar Materials
    • If you are a speaker for a recent or upcoming seminar, consider pulling a section from your materials to convert to a blog post

Additional Details

  • Recommended length is 500-1000 words, depending on the format and topic. 

  • Each guest post will include a biography of the author and an optional photo. Please send your biographical information and a head shot with your submission.

  • Submissions are not required to include a title or images; they will be added as needed for best formatting. If you would like to send a photo to enhance your content please include source and copyright details.

  • Posts related to upcoming seminars should be submitted at least a month prior to the seminar for best results, however later posts are accepted and posted as time allows.