Legal Manuals

Legal Reference CD and Manual SetThe speakers for each seminar prepare a reference work to accompany their presentations. These manuals are available for purchase before or after each of our live seminars; they are designed to serve as a valuable tool for future reference.

All attendees will receive the a copy of the manual for the live seminar. This price is included in the registration fee. 

Manuals may vary in length, but typically run approximately 150 pages.


Audio Recordings

Order the audio recording and/or a reference manual from Sterling's live seminars. Each seminar is recorded from beginning to end, including any panel discussions and question-answer sections.

This is a great option if for those who:

  • cannot attend live due to scheduling or travel
  • want to earn for self-study credit (where available)
  • share information with many in the office
  • maintain a resource library, or
  • have an interest in these areas of law.